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MyMix14 features 12 channels of audio plus your own line and/or microphone input.  It is rack mountable or can be mounted to your music stand using a new 3M brand of plastic Velcro that is very strong.  Other mounting options are optionally available.  Mounting the MyMix14 below the music stand makes it very convenient to make adjustments during a performance.  Notice there is room above each knob 1 thru 12 to place a label to identify the instrument or voices sent there.


There is a front panel mute button to allow the musician to mute their instrument while tuning or searching for the right MIDI preset.  Your instrument stays live in your headphones while the house is muted. The mute button turns orange when the DI output is muted.


The MyMix14 incorporates an internal passive direct box with ground lift switch.  When you plug your instrument in on the front side a microphone cable plugs in on the rear panel to connect you directly into the house sound system.  If there should be a hum or noise in the system you can push ground lift switch.  There is also a 1/4" mono tuner jack on the read panel.  This tuner output feeds your optional tuner even if the mute is on allowing the musician to tune without being heard in the house system.   There is an additional 1/4" mono monitor output to feed a power amp and floor wedge monitor speaker or a powered monitor  instead of using headphones. 


In the center of the rear panel is a microphone input and an microphone "feed thru" to pass the microphone level signal on into the house system.  A ground lift switch is also provided for this microphone tap. 


On the right rear panel are two multi-pin connectors that brings the audio and external power supply into the MyMix14.  You can keep adding MyMix14 units with the addition of our twisted-pair master cables.  These cables are available in lengths 6', 10', 15', 25' and 50'.  A standard power supply can power up to 5 MyMix14 units while our large heavy duty regulated power supply can power up to 12 MyMix14 units.   

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