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MyMix14 Stage Monitoring

Installations & Comments about our MyMix Monitor System

"The MyMix system has given us what we've always wanted. Our musicians can

hear what they need, and our sound operators can concentrate on the house

sound. As a result, our band sounds tighter, our stage monitor volume level

is down, and our sound men have stopped pulling out their hair! Our

monitor mix is perfect every time."

Chris Lesher
Media Department
First Assembly of God
North Little Rock, Arkansas

NLR First Assembly of God's Web Site

"The MyMix boxes have been revolutionary in reference to individual control of specific and custom mixes by our musicians and singers.

It has allowed individual preferences in regard to sound which has been an incredible asset. It has enabled us to satisfy our platform team in a way we have never been able to.

Thanks Larry Benson & Company for your ingenuity and vision."

Craig Dacus
Senior Pastor
Bethesda Assembly of God
Oklahoma City, OK

Bethesda Assembly of God's Web Site

"The MyMix system has been a real "problem solver" for our musicians. Everyone loves having their own headphones with the EXACT mix that they desire, Not only did it improve total mix quality for the house, but it took a tremendous load off of our audio technician. The MyMix system is THE BEST!"

Jerry Freeman - Board Member

Capitol Hill Assembly of God - Oklahoma City, OK

Capitol Hill's Web Site

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