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MyMix14 Headphone Monitoring System Overview

The idea for a way to have individual control of each persons own monitor mix began over 10 years ago.  The first version, the original MyMix box, contained the capability to adjust 1 channel of incoming monitor feed plus independently adjust your own instrument/voice level.  The master power supply is located back stage and does not require each box to be plugged into an AC power source.  This box also contains a direct box to send this instrument directly to the house.  This clean design helps to clean and clear up the maze of cables that seem to be around stage musicians.

In 1999 our 2nd version the MyMix8 (above), incorporates the same basic design it but goes a few steps further by giving the user control over not only there own instrument monitor level, but 6 additional sources (piano, bass, drums, vocals, choir and orchestra). The MyMix8 is now replaced with the new MyMix14 without a price increase.

With the MyMix14 we have extended the inputs to Twelve channels or sources plus your own instrument and/or Microphone levels.  Click on the photo below to see a suite of MyMix14 photos up close.

The intended design is for the rhythm section musicians to use the MyMix14 box and monitor this mix using a new open-air style of headphone.  When you place these open-air headphones on your head you do not feel detached from the rest of the musicians on stage.  It is also possible for instruments like the piano and organ to use a MyMix14 and have it control a floor or hotspot style of monitor and not utilize headphones.  Click here to see the MyMix14 mounted on a floor wedge.

We recommend using headphones wherever possible to help lower the stage volume.  The louder the stage volume gets, the louder the house volume has to be.  Lower monitor levels minimize monitor spill and keeps it from washing-out and mudding-up the house sound.

The main feature of the MyMix14 design that is very important, is that each and every MyMix14 box has an input for that musician to control his own instrument level independent plus the 12 additional channels of other instruments/voices that he can control.  This input can be either microphone level or instrument level or both.  If a keyboard player also sings there will be an instrument level input for the keyboard and a microphone level input for his vocal microphone PLUS 12 other level controls for the other instruments/voices.

Other systems rely on the aux. sends of the house mixer to send all of the channels to the remote mixer and therefore you have to tie up one of the channels for each musician.  After 4 or 6 musicians you do not have additional channels for the rest of the mixes needed.  The MyMix14 can have 10 or more boxes and each box will have local control for that musician in addition to the 12 channels of additional instruments or voices.

Placing the drummer on a good quality set of electronic drums and utilizing our MyMix14 monitoring system, the overall stage levels can be lowered and still keep the musicians and singers happy.  If you are using a set of electronic drums and the drummer is not completely happy with the low-end he is hearing from the headphones, we have a shaker kit that fits on the throne the drummer sits on and gives the low-end via a vibration style of subwoofer.  The drummer is the only one aware that this shaker kit is installed, as it makes no acoustical sound in the room like a large monitor or actual subwoofer would.  This kit can be added to any electronic drum kit.

Click here to read some comments about the MyMix14 monitor system and the improvements each facility now enjoy.

The MyMix14 stage monitor system does not require power amplifiers, equalizers or a stage mixing console with an additional operator to provide the stage monitor mixes.

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