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MyMix 14 Headphone Monitoring System

MyMix 14:  Features and Specifications

12 Mono Channels PLUS your own individual instrument or microphone level channel for a total of 14 input controls.  There is ground lift switch on the instrument and microphone direct outputs.  On the rear panel there is a tuner output that can be connected to your favorite tuner.  On the front panel there is an instrument level mute switch.  This allows the musician to mute the direct output to the house and still be able to hear and send the instrument to the turner.  This is ideal for guitarist that want to check tuning during a performance.  Electronic keyboard players love it because it allow them to mute while they look for that perfect preset sound.  This is ideal for live sound  installations. 

Click here to see how the MyMix 14 can mount directly below a standard type or a director's extra wide music stand.  This particular installation provides the choir director with a MyMix14 mounted to the stand and the output or the MyMix feeds a Shure wireless in-ear transmitter.  This allows the director the freedom to adjust exactly the mix needed and still has the freedom to move about the stage.  This setup even allows the choir director to have the choir channel up to the volume level desired to hear every nuance of the choir performance. 

Click here for MyMix 14 mounted to electronic drums.

Click here for MyMix 14 mounted to piano floor monitor wedge.

Click here for MyMix 14 mounted to a tall music stand.

MyMix 14 models are available now.

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