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EasyWorship 2009 Presentation Software  

EasyWorship presentation software is very easy to use but also very powerful.  

It is designed for the needs of the today's church.

Download a Free 30 day demo of the latest 2009 version

Download Free Motion and Still Background Samples

These are large downloads as the program file size is 21 mb.  

When the download is complete double click on EasyWorship_web.exe and follow the instructions on your screen.

You can download the background samples for use with EasyWorship.  After you download the background file double click on the file to extract it to the directory on your local hard drive called C:\ew_bg

You will need to copy the backgrounds to this directory after you install EW.



The above downloads are large files and therefore a fast Internet connection is recommended.

EasyWorship Prices

If you are a new user that currently does not have a licensed copy of a qualifying competing program you must purchase a full version.  This includes those using PowerPoint.

 Available Products  Price
 EasyWorship Standard - Full Version $399.00
 Add Optional NASB Bible Text $29.00
 Add Optional NKJV Bible Text $29.00
 Add Optional NIV Bible Text $29.00
 Add Optional NLT Bible Text $29.00
 Competitive Upgrade from MediaShout* $249.00
 Competitive Upgrade from SongShowPlus* $249.00
 Competitive Upgrade from SundayPlus* $249.00
 Competitive Upgrade from SongScreen* $249.00
 Competitive Upgrade from ChurchView* $249.00
 Competitive Upgrade from Presentation Manager* $249.00

The cost of the Full Standard version of EasyWorship is $399.00* and comes with 2 English Bible versions (KJV & ASB) and 1 Spanish Bible (RAS) version.  

Our turnkey EasyWorship computer systems include an extensive (36,000+ Free*) song & JPEG background(3000+ Free*) library.   

There are optional versions of the Bible currently available at $29.00* each.  These include NASB, NKJV, NLT and the NIV versions.  Additional versions are being added monthly.

We do have a Competitive Upgrade price for qualified products.  These are listed above along with the prices.

We require proof of ownership of qualifying products to receive the discounted prices. * If you are upgrading from a competitive product, please be sure to mail us your registered copy of the competitive product and manual.

Call (405) 610-7455 to order (9 TO 5 CST M-F).

Online ordering will be available shortly.

**All prices are plus shipping & Handling of $8.00 per order for UPS Ground. 

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