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RealPlayer FAQ's

What we can do as far as the RealPlayer program is limited.  There is online support for RealPlayer at the Real Networks site.  But here are some common problems and answers that "should" help.

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How do I get the RealPlayer play your Encore trax demos?

If you know that you've downloaded "RealOne", and you still can't play the demos, try uninstalling and reinstalling the RealOne program.  Let the installation program do everything it wants by default.  If you choose a custom installation, we can't guarantee that all the files and registry entries will be entered correctly.  There are some pages during the installation that will ask you if you want to receive various information.  We recommend that you uncheck all of these questions unless you know that you really want those features.


Netscape crashes when leaving a page with the plugin

We've found that if you disable Java in your Netscape preferences, you'll have a more stable environment.  In Netscape, go to Edit, Preferences.  Then click "Advanced" and uncheck "Enable Java."  Shut down Netscape and then retry.


How do I keep AOL from locking up?

AOL users with 6.0 and above should be able to play the RealPlayer titles because AOL now has RealPlayer as part of their system. If you have a problem with AOL's browser there is a simple workaround!  While you are connected to AOL, you can use any browser!  We support fully Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 and higher.  All you need to do to make sure you have a great experience listening to our library, is minimize your AOL program, launch MS Internet Explorer, then go to our site and choose a title and off you go!


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More help will be added.  Check back soon. 

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