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Benson Sound started as a dream of our founder Larry Benson over 38 years ago to have a professional Studio he could work in but not have to move to L.A. or Nashville. 

He had traveled and played for several groups and artists including Jake Hess and the Imperials, and Conway Twitty, but decided that his first love was the studio. With his roots planted deeply in Oklahoma soil, he decided to build a studio in Oklahoma City, OK, why not. It wasn't long before Benson Sound was dubbed "Little Nashville".

Over the last 38+ years Benson Sound has recorded a wide variety groups and artists from Nancy Harmon (Blood Bought Church), Whitey Gleason and the Jubilee Quartet, Jimmy Swaggart (13 albums), Big John Hall, Miss America 1980 Susan Powell, Mike Murdock, Jim Loving (over 25 albums), David Sapp (There is a river), David Ingles (Whole lota people goin' home), and notable country artists like Reba McIntyre (age 13), Conway Twitty, Hoyt Axton, Johnny Paycheck and Vince Gill's group "Mountain Smoke" to "The 3rd Avenue Blues Band", and a young Michael O'Martian and thousands of other artists.

Benson Sound is recognized all over the world as a professional quality full service studio since 1968.  Studio quality musicians, singers and arrangers are available to make your project right for you.

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